Would you let your ex take your kids away on holiday with their new partner?

June 1, 2017


I want you to have a listen to this email we go into the show this morning.

It’s an interesting one – Ill read it out and you can give me your opinion after you hear it.

Hi Niall,

I was wondering could you talk about something for me please as I have heard you speak up for men’s rights and father’s rights on your show before.

Before I tell you about my dilemma I need to tell you a little bit about myself. I have two beautiful children and an ex partner. My ex and I were together since we were teenagers and we had our son 7 years ago and we had our daughter 5 years ago. We split up about two years ago because our relationship wasn’t working and we basically both fell out of love with each other.

I am a very involved father and my ex and I are amicable with each other for our children’s sake.

She started seeing a guy about 7 months ago and their relationship has moved really quickly. I found out that he was staying over in the house a couple of months back when my 7 year old son told me. He told me that he didn’t like the man staying over. When I questioned him he said the man is nice to him and his sister but that he doesn’t want someone staying over with his mammy.

I spoke to my ex and voiced my concerns but she basically told me that it’s her life and I need to stop getting involved. I decided that I would leave it at that until recently.

She called me and told me that her boyfriend had booked a holiday for her and the kids to Florida and that she needs me to sign a form to let them go. Straight away I said no way – I told her that I did not want my children going on a holiday with a man that I do not know.

She told me that I needed to get over myself that the kids want to go on the holiday so why would I stop them! Can you believe that Niall – I am thinking of the safety of my kids here!  She only knows the man 7 months and now she wants to go on holiday and take my children with her.

Personally I don’t care what she does – she is a grown woman – but when it comes to my kids I should have a say. I am their father after all.

The problem in this country though is that when you are a man – you have absolutely no rights in this country. She has gone and told the kids that her boyfriend booked a holiday so all they are thinking about it Disneyland. They don’t understand any dangers that they could find themselves in.

How can I allow my children head off to the states with this strange man and stay in an apartment with him? What kind of a parent would I be?

I really am caught between a rock and a hard place here – the kids want to go to Disneyland but I don’t want them going with the new boyfriend.

Am I being unreasonable? Maybe there are other men out there who have been in my situation before – I would love to hear their views.


So what do you think of this person’s situation –

Do you think he is being unreasonable? Or can you understand his concerns?

Have you any advice for this man? Should he let his children go or should he stand his ground?

I want to get your opinions on this –

Is this man being unreasonable?

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