Would you hire someone if they had visible tattoos?

July 18, 2017


Would you hire a person who has visible tattoos?

We spotted a story over the weekend about a man who cannot find work and believes it's because of his tattoo.

The teenage father has a tattoo covering half his face saying DEVAST8. Mark Cropp who was recently released from prison, put a plea out on Facebook saying his facial tattoo was stopping him securing employment.

He said he's been told he wouldn't be employed with "that on his face," and had people shrug and laugh at him.

The 19-year-old said his tattoo- which he claims is a 'name' rather than being gang affiliated- wasn't planned and was not supposed to be quite as big.

He got it a number of months ago while in prison serving a two year and three month sentence in the Otago Correction Facility for aggravated robbery.

Cropp said he was going through a 'rough patch' with people trying to bully him at the time and believed people were more cautious around those with tattoos in prison.

After his story went viral he said he finally has a potential job, and he has been inundated with offers to remove his tattoo; which he taking a company up on.

What I want to talk about today thought is tattoos in general. Would you make a snap judgement about someone based on their tattoos?

Would you refuse to hire someone if they have very visible tattoos?

A recent survey found that 60% of employers said that they would be less likely to employ someone with visible tattoos or piercings and said they would have a lower opinion of those people.

Do you fall into that category? Would you have a lower opinion of a person with a tattoo?

There are many people who have a lot of tattoos and very visible ones at that. They believe they are an art form and should not stop them from being hired for a job. They say their tattoos do not make them less capable than a person with no tattoos.

But can you understand why an employer might not want to hire someone.

There is a perceived notion attached to tattoos that a person is a trouble maker. Whether you agree with that or not you cannot deny that the stigma is attached to tattoos.

Can you understand why an employer may refuse to hire a person with tattoos?

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