Should parents who buy their children scramblers be prosecuted?

June 2, 2017


Do you think there is anything wrong with children having scrambler bikes?

Well according to Sinn Fein Dublin North West TD Dessie Ellis, property is being damaged by young children driving scramblers and dirt bikes in his constituency.

He told the Dail that four and five year old children are terrorising communities on quad and scrambler motorbikes.

He added that most people are responsible in their use of these vehicles but in some cases they are used in an anti-social way to torment communities and damage public property.

Unless a bike like a scrambler has been registered, taxed, insured and brought up to the correct standard it is illegal for it to be used on the public road.

It is also illegal to use these bikes in public parks and open spaces. However it is still happening in many areas around the country and parents know about it.

Should parents be prosecuted if they let their child have a scrambler?

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