Is it selfish for a woman to get pregnant late in life?

June 2, 2017


When is it too old to become a Mother? We came across a story in the papers today about former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips. Now aged 74 – she was reminiscing about the abuse she revealed from people back in the 1980’s when she had her second child. 

Phillips was 47 at the time and she was expecting to be dealing with the menopause yet she actually found herself pregnant. She was overjoyed but said that feeling was overshadowed by the prejudice she met from other Mothers.

Is it fair on a child to essentially be raised by someone who should be their grandparent?  I know many of you won’t be happy with that! The biggest advantage of being older – no more mature – is the wisdom and life experiences that you come across during your life.

There is no manual, guide book or App that can give you these experiences and it’s only you that can pass this wisdom on. So one could really say that it is better to become a parent later in life.

Is it selfish of a parent to have a child in their late 40’s or early 50’s?

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