Do you agree with an automatic driving ban for drink drivers?

July 11, 2017


Do you agree with an automatic driving ban for drink drivers?

Kerry TD Danny Healy Rae came on the show and stunned listeners with his comments on drinking. You must listen to this! 

Controversial changes to the law on drink-driving are due to be discussed at Cabinet this morning.

The proposed legislation would see the introduction of an automatic three-month ban for drivers over the alcohol limit.

Currently, first-time offenders are not necessarily disqualified and can pay a fine and get three penalty points.

Mr Ross's proposals would see the introduction of a three-month mandatory ban for motorists found to have reached an alcohol limit of between 50mg-80mg per 100ml.

Opponents say this is the equivalent of a glass of wine.

Last night, Transport Minister Shane Ross confirmed that he would push for a free vote on the measures which have been labeled 'anti-rural' by some TDs. The legislation will come before the Oireachtas in the Autumn.

When introducing it in February, Minister Ross said: "What I am proposing is that the existing provision allowing people to get penalty points rather than a disqualification for drink driving sends the wrong message and should go.

"Instead of three penalty points, such drivers will get a three-month disqualification. This is quite proportionate.

Kerry TD Danny Healy Rae is a strong opponent to the legislation and said he would be happy to get into a plane, being flown by someone with three glasses beer.

Danny Healy Rae's comments come as the Cabinet meets to discuss the prospect of giving TDs a free vote on the issue.

He insists he has never seen anyone whose ability to drive is affected by three glasses of beer.

He said “I don't believe and until the day I die, I don't believe that anyone that has had two or three glasses, a pint and a half that they are a liability or a danger on the road,”

Would you be happy to see people automatically banned from driving if they are over the limit even by a little bit?

The reality is that if a person injures or kills someone from drink driving they are punished and banned from driving anyway.  If a person is caught over the limit by a substantial amount, they are also banned from driving.

Essentially what this new law seeks to do is punish those who may be a little over the limit by one glass of wine or one beer. It could affect those who drive the following day after drinking.

Do you support that? Maybe you think it is the zero-tolerance policy that we need in Ireland?

Or maybe you think it is simply going to punish people unnecessary and take thousands off the road.

I want to know what you think –

Do you agree with an automatic driving ban for anyone caught over the drink driving limit?

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