Are you proud of Conor McGregor?

July 14, 2017


Are you proud of Conor McGregor?

Did you look at the McGregor/Mayweather pre fight press conference - it was two grown men acting like a pair of children.

It was another colourful press conference in a long line of McGregor pressers where he cursed and trash talked. The other guy wasn’t much better.

But there is no doubt that McGregor has made a world-wide name for himself and he is adored by thousands of people in Ireland. I have no doubt that I will have die-hard fans on the show today giving out to me for evening questioning if he is a good influence or not.

He isn’t adored by everyone in Ireland though. We have a tendency in this country to feel we have to love any Irish man or woman who does well for themselves abroad. But Conor has his haters here too because of his crass behaviour.

So are you proud of Conor McGregor? Or like some people commenting on social media after last night...are you embarrassed by him?

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